As you know the planet «Mars» is a very unique and special in our Solar System, unique because of its its shade and color uniformity. Therefore, the main peculiarity of this collection of carpets from others that here we use natural undyed 100% wool (sheep wool actually) for production.

All designs Victory Carpets are copyrighted
Type of production
hand tufted
Pile composition
100% wool
Pile hight
±8, ±12, ±16, ±18, ±20, ±25 mm
Pile surface
cut pile
palette of colors
Number of colors in one combination

This indicates that the color of the carpet looks natural, without using any dyes. That’s why all our products ceftified by ISO 9001.

When our carpet designers realized what should be the surface of the pile in the «Mars» collection, they chose cut pile. Because the task was to make equal the length of the pile. So this collection of area rugs perfectly fits into the interior of your room, designer carpet «Mars» decorates your floor in harmony with the rest of the furniture. That’s we are proud to provide our carpet manufacture into interior designs.

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